MTAC Sacramento County Branch   Baroque Music Festival

Date of the Event: Saturday, January 27th 2018 10:00-6:00

Event Location: Sacramento State University, Capistrano Hall

Application Deadline: December 7, 2017

MTAC Sacramento County Branch invites participations from students whose teachers are MTAC members in Sacramento and surrounding branches, as well as students of Sacramento State University. The Festival is open to students of all ages including college students and adults, and to all solo and ensemble instrumentalists including singers.

The purpose of this Festival is to give students an opportunity to perform Baroque music as well as to acquaint them with a wide range of Baroque repertoire, not limited to their own instrument.

Participating keyboard students may perform on harpsichord or piano for the evaluated recital. This choice will be made on the application. There will be an assigned time to warm-up on the harpsichord on the day of the Festival.

Repertoire requirement:

Students must select one or more movements from a Baroque work. Time limit for performance is 10 minutes. Transcriptions are not permitted (e.g. Bach-Liszt). The repertoire must be Level 3 or higher (refer to the Certificate of Merit Syllabus, although the selection does not need to be from the Certificate of Merit Syllabus). Repeats may be taken optionally and only with alterations or ornaments. Instrumentalists and singers must provide their own accompanist. Harpsichordists and ensembles do not need to memorize their music. Pianists, singers and solo instrumentalists are required to perform from memory in order to be evaluated. Students must provide one original score to the evaluators. Should question arise regarding repertoire, the Festival Committee reserves the right to make the final decision.

Method of Evaluation:

Each performance will receive written comments as well as rating numbers totaling 1-20 from 2 evaluators. All performers will receive a certificate of performance. Students receiving rating of 18 or above will receive an Honors Performance Certificate. These certificates will be mailed to the teachers after the Festival.

All ratings given by the evaluators are final.

Day of the Festival:

Varied instrumentalists and works with varied difficulty will be featured in each recital to give maximum variety and experience to the participants. The number of recitals will be determined by the number of entries, but will most likely be as follows:

Recitals at 10AM, 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 3:00PM and 4:30PM in Capistrano Hall Music Recital Hall, Rooms 151 and 143.

Dress code:

LADIES - Suitable dress or skirt and blouse combination. Dress or skirt length must reach the knee when seated. Dress slacks are also acceptable but please no denim, leggings or shorts. Under no circumstances shall the lady's cleavage or midriff be exposed.

GENTLEMEN - Dress slacks, dress shirt and tie.

ALL PERFORMERS - Dress shoes must be worn by all performers. Absolutely no tennis shoes, athletic shoes or flip-flops.


Deadline and Fee:

The deadline for entry is December 7th, 2017 (postmark). Festival application form needs to accompany the entry fee, paid by the MTAC member teachers. Do not use the MTAC general application form. Entry fee is $30 per student, regardless of ensemble or solo. Please make check to MTAC Sacramento. All participating teachers are expected to volunteer on the day of the Festival. Unavailable teacher must include a $10 fee per student to cover his/her absence. Please send application form and fee to:

Helen Mendenhall, Festival Co-Chair

3033 El Prado Way

Sacramento, CA 95825

Please direct all questions by email only to Natsuki Fukasawa: